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6 July 2005

Hamedan (Ekbatan)

Population 1,677,957
Area 19,493 sq km
Altitude 1,749 m
Average Temperature 10.9 º C
  Hamadan province and its civilization can be said to be one of the historical and extremely ancient parts of Iran, Relics of this area confirm this fact. Hamadan Township being in the vicinity of the Alvand Mountains has a cold, mountainous climate, with snowy winters and short mild summers. The city of Hamadan is the center of the province and is at a distance of 337 km. from Tehran.

The structures of city are related to 'Diya Aku' one of the monarchs of the Medes, about (700 BC.). According to the records of a reputed Greek historian, this territory was called 'Ekbatan' and 'Hegmataneh' by this monarch. Thus being transformed into a huge capital, which was later reconstructed by Darius The Great. The city of Hamadan lay on the 'Silk Road'.

The average temperature of the province is 10.9°C, whilst the maximum temperature in August is 24.2°C, and the minimum in February is –0.8°C.
  [ Attractions ]
Ganjname relief, Stone Lion Sq., Ekbatan hill & Museum, Buali Mausoleum & Museum, Baba Taher Mausoleum, Astero Mordkhai Temple, Alavian Dome, Ali-Sadr Cave (70 km), Nushijan Fire Temple (near Malayer city)

(From top Photo: 1.Ganjname relief, 2.Astero Mordkhai temple, 3.Ali-Sadr cave(70km))


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