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18 October 2006

Miracle of a New Day

Good morning dear reader,

Through the wonderful gift of this new day may we all be transformed into better men and women.


  • At 11:45 pm , Blogger Aryamehr said...

    Dear Mr Bayegan,

    I was able to come across your nice blog today and have added it to my links - if permitted? I'm alraedy familiar with your articles which i've had the pleasure to read on the net from time to time.

    Going through your entries I can see that our views regarding Islam are complete opposites; however as long as I do not see you as a Muslim but see you as a freedom-loving Iranian I will not let this get between us. In this regards I can only hope that you will abandon the label bestowed upon our nation by a savage invading army who burnt our libraries, beheaded tens of thousands of our ancestors, and caused the exodus of some of our compatriots to India and elsewhere amongst many other ills; and if in need of some spirituality adopt Iranian spiritual values. I do not find anything appealing about man-made religions especially not one like Islam which was brought to my motherland by the tip of the sword and which only retards a society's minds instead of progressing them. Personally i'm a deist; someone who believes in God but not in man-made religions. Also noteworthy is that I do not see Zoroastrianism as a religion but rather a philosophy of life, since Zoroaster never claimed to be a Prophet of God.

    Anyhow, i'm looking forward to your future contributions, and wish you well.



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